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Virtual Decluttering Support

Some clients are happy to do a lot of work themselves but just don’t know where to start.  This service provides a cost effective option for those who would like some help and guidance along the way and/or who are outside my catchment area.  The process involves:


  • A free initial consultation to discuss your goals for your decluttering and organising project, ideally via video call (or a home visit if you are close enough) so that I can see the relevant spaces but this can by phone or email.


  • Decluttering and sorting – I’ll provide advice on how to declutter and sort including helping you to set up a system to do this easily.  I’ll check in regularly with you to see how you are getting on and to answer any queries.


  • Organising – I’ll suggest the best way to organise items using the principle of “a place for everything” utilising your existing storage where possible.  I’ll make suggestions on any additional storage solutions that would help your household to keep things organised.  


  • Maintenance – I can provide guidance on habits and routines to keep your spaces organised

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