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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I pay for a decluttering and organising service?

Decluttering and organising is something that you can do yourself but many people need help to do the work, are short on time or value the added motivation of working alongside someone else. 

Living in a clutter free and organised home will improve your life for the better, enabling you to spend time on other things without trying to constantly tidy and operate within a cluttered home.  If you have been meaning to declutter for a long time but have never got around to it, using a professional service can make sense.  You could start with paying for decluttering and organising of one or two rooms and that may then motivate you to complete the rest of the work yourself.

Why do people use decluttering and organising services?

People use decluttering and organising services like this one for a variety of reasons:

  • You may have older children but still have a house full of baby equipment and younger age toys and clothes

  • You may want a tidier home but not have the time or the physical ability to manage the process of decluttering and organising yourself

  • You may be retired and want to declutter your home rather than leaving a large volume of stuff for dependents to go through when you are no longer here.

  • You may want to declutter and reorganise as you get older to increase safety in the home and support independence

  • You may be preparing to downsize to a smaller home


Can I book your service for a friend or relative?

Using this service needs to be a personal decision and a client needs to be ready and willing to declutter their possessions.  I’m happy to do an initial free consultation in the usual way, with their consent, and will then follow their wishes with regard to whether they want to use my service and in what way. If you are caring for a vulnerable person who wishes to use my services I will usually ask you to be available to support them as we go through the decluttering and organising process.

What areas to do you cover?

I cover Northallerton and the surrounding area up to an hours drive away.  Mileage is charged at 45p a mile for clients living more than 10 miles from Northallerton centre.

Is the service confidential?

Yes, this service is completely confidential.  I won’t discuss the work we do for you or anything I see in your home, including paperwork, with anyone else.  I may ask for your permission to take before and after photographs but would only use these with your consent and would ensure that these are anonymised. 

How long does it take?

The time required will depend on the size of your rooms and the current level of clutter.  I will discuss with you the likely time required to complete your project during the initial consultation.  However, please note that it is not always possible to give an accurate estimate and some projects may require more time than initially thought.  I will always inform you if the project appears to require more time and will ensure I have your permission to continue.  You can reduce the billable time required by undertaking some of the work yourself in between sessions.

What do I have to do? 

The decluttering process is faster and more effective if you are available to work alongside as you can make decisions as we go.  If you are not available, I will discuss with you what criteria to use for decluttering, e.g. broken/pieces missing, clothes/toys that your children have grown out of etc.  Any items decluttered will be put into containers so that you can review and consider whether to dispose of, give away or sell.  I will never throw anything out without consulting with you first.   I’ll also talk to you about how best to organise things in your home.  Often storage areas are allocated when you move into your home but these may not be the most effective/efficient places for particular items.

I’m too embarrassed about the state of my home.

Homes become cluttered through for a wide range of reasons and I would never judge. You don't need to tidy up before I come round!  I became interested in becoming a decluttering and organising professional because I know from personal experience how easy it is for a home to become completely disorganised.  By requesting my service you will be taking the first step towards having a home you can feel proud of. 

Will you make me throw things away?

No.  Whilst I’ve found that clients find it easier to let go of stuff if they are being challenged (gently!) along the way, decisions on what to keep and what to let go are entirely yours. 

Should I buy storage containers?

When you want to declutter and organise your home it can be tempting to go out and buy storage solutions.  However, I always discourage clients from doing this until decluttering work has been completed and we have agreed how remaining items should be stored.  It is often possible to re-use existing storage as some space is freed up during the decluttering process.  I can provide guidance on any appropriate new storage solutions that may be required.  These don’t need to be expensive and the focus is on function rather than how something looks, particularly for storage solutions that are not visible, e.g. inside drawers and cabinets.

What will I do with the things I don’t need?

I can provide advice on how to sell, donate or dispose of items.  I’ll separate items into these categories as we declutter.  As the client, you are responsible for taking items to household waste recycling, charity shops etc.  Please note that I am not a professional valuer so am unable to provide advice on the value of specific items.

Will my house get dis-organised again?

Once your home is decluttered and more effectively organised it should be easier to keep tidy.  However, life does sometimes get in the way and you may, therefore, want to consider using my Home Reset service.  As I’ll be tidying into pre-existing storage systems this usually only takes a short amount of time.

Do you have insurance?

I have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance, am a member of the Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers (APDO), and have an up to date DBS check.  I will be very careful with your possessions as I undertake decluttering and organising but unfortunately accidents can happen.  I assume that any breakages that occur will be covered through your own personal home contents insurance.

As a client I ask that you ensure that your home is safe for me to work in and that you advise me of any factors that may put me at risk such as infectious medical conditions or animals.

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