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An initial consultation to discuss your needs is free and can be arranged to suit you. Ideally this would be in your home but can also be via telephone or email.

To book your initial free consultation please contact me.

Pricing is based on the likely number of hours that will be needed to complete your project. 


  • Standard rate for 1 - 5 hours of decluttering and organising - £30 per hour

  • 6 - 11 hours of decluttering and organising - £27 per hour (10% discount)

  • 12 - 24 hours of decluttering and organising - £25.50 per hour (15% discount)

  • More than 24 hours of decluttering and organising - £24 per hour (20% discount)


Mileage is charged for bookings more than 10 miles outside Northallerton at a rate of 45p per mile.


I will discuss with you the likely time required to complete your project during the initial consultation. However, please note that it is not always possible to give an accurate estimate and some projects may require more time than initially thought. I will always inform you if the project appears to require more time and will ensure I have your permission to continue.


Pricing for the decluttering and organising virtual support service is based on the same hourly rates as above, however, the number of hours required will be reduced as the decluttering and organising work will be undertaken by yourself. Typically, following the initial free 30 minute consultation, clients will have a one hour call each week to track progress and to plan the next activities required. Depending on the work required, and to help with your motivation, you can book a number of weeks in advance.

Pricing for the home reset service is £24 per hour.  Please note that this service is only intended for clients who need some light re-organisation and is not suitable for homes with a very high level of clutter.  In this case, you may wish to purchase the full decluttering and organising service first following by a home reset at regular intervals if required.


All payments must be made in full at the end of each session. A 10% deposit is required to secure your booking.



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