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Decluttering and Organising

Great for clients who would like someone to carry out the bulk of the work, for example, because they don’t have the time or are unable to do this themselves. The process involves:

  • A free initial consultation to discuss your goals for your decluttering and organising project, ideally in your home so that I can see the relevant spaces but this can by phone or email.

  • Decluttering – The decluttering process is faster and more effective if I can work alongside you as you can make decisions as we go.  I’ve also found that clients find it easier to let go of stuff if they are being challenged (gently!) along the way. If you are not available, I will discuss with you what criteria to use for decluttering, e.g. broken/pieces missing, clothes/toys that your children have grown out of etc.  Any items decluttered will be put into containers so that you can review and consider whether to dispose of, give away or sell.  I will never throw anything out without consulting with you first.

  • Sorting and Organising – I will look at the best way to organise items using the principle of “a place for everything”.  I’ll utilise your existing storage where possible and will make suggestions on any additional storage solutions that would help your household to keep things organised.  I have a supply of small storage solutions which you can purchase from me at cost price or I can provide advise on what and where to buy.

  • Maintenance – I can provide guidance on habits and routines to keep your spaces organised.  See also my Home Reset service.

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