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Well Organized Closet


I have a range of services to help you achieve a tidier home.  Click on the relevant link to see more information about the services below.  Contact me for an initial free consultation to discuss your needs and how I can help.

Decluttering and Organising

Full decluttering and organising service whether you want to declutter a wardrobe, a room or a whole house.  

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Home Reset

If you don't need a full declutter but often feel as though your home is disorganised this service can help you to "reset" your home and get back some order.  

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Paperwork Organisation

Feeling overwhelmed with paperwork?  I can help you organise your paperwork and create simple filing systems that work for you.

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Virtual Decluttering Support

Great for clients who don't know where to start with their decluttering and would like some support/ guidance along the way. 

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For clients who are downsizing, for example moving from a family home to a smaller home, e.g. when retiring or needing to move to somewhere with greater support as you get older.

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Moving Home

Great for clients who are moving house and who would like to take the opportunity to declutter before they move.

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